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About Us

Welcome to Redefine Instruction! We seek to rewrite the story of teaching, professional development and instructional design through training. Redefine Instruction brings the leading trends in K-12, education and corporate training to your door-step. Learn more about the latest training strategies and learning experiences to take your organization to the next level. We empower educators, trainers, designers, administrators and managers to re-envision learning experiences.

Founded in Houston, Texas, Redefine Instruction is a learning design consultancy which provides research-based, customized training tailored to make you successful. Through strategic training and change management plans, we enable organizations reach greater heights of performance.

About us

K-12 Professional Development

K-12 Professional Developmnt
Art Class

Redefine Instruction, LLC has over 10 years of teaching and curriculum design experience, sharing research-based strategies with teachers and administrators in the K-12 environment. 

We believe effective professional development should be the backbone of every classroom. We offer a repertoire of tools, strategies and services to prepare teachers to meet the challenges of today's classroom. 

Redefine Instruction, LLC offers professional development tailored to your classroom and campus. ​


Let Redefine Instruction help transform instruction in your classrooms!

K-8 Instruction

Ready for School

Whether you’re a new teacher or a 15-year veteran, we have a professional development session for you. Our consultants have 10 plus years of experience in multiple US school districts. We offer a variety of courses ranging from classroom set-up to hands-on enquiry-based learning. Most of all our curriculum is aligned with the Common Core curriculum and the Texas State curriculum in the United States. Learn how to:

  • Align teaching with curriculum used by leading schools in Texas, Washington D.C and Maryland in a matter of minutes.

  • Engage multiple aptitudes and reading levels in a single classroom.

  • Transform a teacher-led classroom to a student-led classroom.

  • Bring technology into the classroom in a meaningful way.

  • Set-up multi-subject enquiry-based thematic lessons and much more.

English as a Second Language

Colors in English

Research proves bilingual students bring a higher cognitive ability than their monolingual counterparts. Learn how to equip bilingual students by teaching English as a Language. Our consultants train teachers to design ESL lessons, based on Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WIDA) standards and English language proficiency (ELPS) standards. These standards are used by leading districts in United States to teach students.


Painting Class

Dyslexia ranges on a spectrum from mild to complex. It can be a daunting task for parents to advocate for a child with dyslexia. Through strategic therapy, students with dyslexia can succeed in the real world. Our consultants specialize in dyslexia coaching and lesson design through the Neuhaus Education Center. With a profound understanding of phonics-based programs like Orton Gillingham, Wilson Reading Program and Neuhaus education, our Reading Specialists provide:

  • Teaching resources to engage students with dyslexia within the regular classroom

  • Assistance in diagnosing, testing and interpreting tests for dyslexia.

  • Professional development for One-on-one therapy.

  • Workshops and resources for parents to assist their kids at home.

  • Learn to advocate for students with dyslexia.

Local Market Expertise

USA Flag

U.S. Based Clients

We bring expertise from local schools to you. Our consultants are teachers and administrators with knowledge aligned to multiple state standards. Our instructors are reading specialists and curriculum designers with over 10 years of experience in U.S. school districts. We design modules, map-out curriculum, coach, write curriculum guides and provide professional development for several school districts and higher ed. institutions.

Elementary School Student

Clients in India

We bring expertise from local schools to you. Our consultants are teachers and administrators with a keen knowledge of NCERT, CBSE and ICSE. Not only have our consultants taught in leading school within India, but they have also successfully pioneered start-up schools and new schools. In addition to subject matter knowledge, we share administrative knowledge to pioneer new schools in geographically dispersed as well as diverse schools

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