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3 Ways to Gain Experience in ISD
Redefine Instruction Season 2 Episode 10: Creating Human-Interest Stories

Redefine Instruction Season 2 Episode 10: Creating Human-Interest Stories

Stories have the ability to convey powerful messages. It is one of the key themes shared between L&D and advertising. Advertising is one arena which really brings storytelling to life. I had the fortunate opportunity to speak with Corey Schubert who combines the finer aspects of Storytelling and Podcasts. With a background in journalism, Corey has the ability to capture the essence of a story and present it in a captivating format. Corey Schubert is a media communications and public relations senior specialist for Banner Health, one of the largest, nonprofit health care systems in the country. He has helped the organization highlight stories that further the mission of excellent patient care, leading to prominent media coverage in The Washington Post, The New York Times, People Magazine, and front-page articles in The Arizona Republic. Schubert also hosts and produces a popular podcast, Bedside Stories, emphasizing emotional storytelling about patients and staff. Prior to his position with Banner, he served as a public affairs editor and media liaison for NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, including supporting 1,500 media representatives from around the world who covered the return-to-flight mission after the space shuttle Columbia disaster. Schubert was a journalist for Florida Today/USA Today, specializing in human interest stories, breaking news and crime. He is a recurring guest on national true-crime shows, including those on Oxygen, Discovery ID and Court TV, for his coverage of high-profile murder cases in Florida. In this episode, Corey shares the secrets behind uncovering and presenting stories that captivate the audience. He talks about the finer aspects of creating relatable characters, highlighting the appropriate parts of the story, hooking the audience and much more. You can find a link to his podcast, Bedside Stories in the show notes. Links: Bedside Stories Podcast: Angels and Demons Story (An example of storytelling): Cleveland Clinic Video: Story on 9/11: (All the vehicles left behind):
Redefine Instruction Season 2 Episode 9: Designing Amazing Stories

Redefine Instruction Season 2 Episode 9: Designing Amazing Stories

IIn this episode the spotlight is on Hadiya Nuriddin. She is a renowned author, speaker, learning strategist, eLearning developer and owner of Duets Learning. Hadiya never stops amazing me with the depth of knowledge and expertise that she brings to the field of story design. With over 20 years' experience in learning and development, she specializes in instructional design and development for both corporate and academic environments. The extent of Hadiya’s expertise goes much beyond designing, developing, and delivering technical and professional development courses. She is the author of the book Story Training: Selecting and Shaping Stories That Connect In yet another episode on Storytelling, Hadiya shares: • Example of powerful stories • How to design stories and strategically embed elements such as climax, conflict, transition etc in the story. • The secret behind creating personas for storytelling • The tools which lend themselves to storytelling • Using movies as a motivation for storytelling and much more. I urge you to check out her website and follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter. You will find links to these in the show notes. Most of all don’t miss the opportunity to attend Hadiya’s webinar on Mining for Stories and several other topics. I have also included a link her workshops in the notes below, so without further ado I’d like to Welcome Hadiya. LinkedIn: Twitter: @HadiyaNuriddin Workshop Series: Site:
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